Scott McEwan

Recovery Coach

God, grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, COURAGE to change the things and I can, and the WISDOM to know the difference.

Scott McEwan


Scott McEwan


I’m Scott and I have been in recovery from gambling harms for around three and a half years.

I gambled on a near daily basis for around ten years and came to the reality that I used this as a coping mechanism and method of escapism from poor mental health, low self-esteem, and unprocessed trauma.

After a 12-year relationship break-up, losing my house in 2020 and financial distress, through to losing my grandmother and father within an 8-month period in 2021 alongside periods of anxiety and depression, this really enabled me with time for self-reflection.  I realised that I had to work on various aspects of my life, and this spurred me into an enhanced mode of recovery, concentrating on my self-development.

I now work as a freelance Recovery Coach with Reframe Coaching and volunteer as an Online Peer Supporter with GamCare.  I also take part in a gambling harms forum with Health Alliance Scotland and take part in periodic projects surrounding gambling harms.

I currently work full time as a Finance Officer and part time as a Residential Childcare Worker.  I am incredibly passionate about all roles mentioned, especially my role here at Reframe Coaching as it means so much to me, being able to help others in their recovery. 

I have a keen interest in supporting people alongside counselling, psychology, addiction, and trauma, so much so, I am currently furthering my development in counselling. 

In my spare time, I help run an amateur football team and enjoy going to the gym on a regular basis.

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