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Our offices

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85 Great Portland Street, London, England, W1W 7LT
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61-63 Riverside Road,
Norfolk, Norwich, NR1 1SR
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If a frequently asked question you would like to ask isn’t listed, please contact us

Contact Us
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Is Reframe Coaching a Charity?

Yes, we are a CIO. Our registration number is 1200290

Do you work with treatment providers?

Yes, we have direct referral pathways to most providers

What support would you recommend?

We believe in and promote multiple pathways of recovery. We work with individuals to see what they would like, based on their needs

Are your Recovery Coaches qualified?

Yes, they have all completed our minimum training standards which includes Recovery Coach training, Suicide Awareness, Safeguarding and Internal Programme training

Do you support Affected Others?

Yes, we do

What is the difference between a Recovery Coach and a Mentor?

A mentor will guide you through what you are going to do and tell you how you are going to do it

A Recovery Coach will work with you on where YOU want to go and how YOU want to get there