Our Services

Our services have been designed to incorporate the unique blend of Lived Experience and Recovery Coaching.

All of our services fit into one of our three themes of delivery.


Our Pre-Support theme is for individuals who want to explore their (or a loved ones) relationship with Gambling.

Our Coaches can help you explore your needs and work with you to find the best way to move forward.

The majority of our Coaches have their own lived experience of Gambling Harms, so will understand how you might be feeling.

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Speak to someone who understands how you are feeling


Taking action to support your next steps


Understanding you are not alone

Needs Based

Having a range of options designed to support your needs


Our Aftercare theme is for individuals who have accessed a form of treatment and would like some further support.

We understand that life after Gambling can feel daunting and maybe even confusing.

Our Coaches can help you can greater clarify and explore what life after Gambling looks like for you.

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Self Development

Helps to build additional Recovery Capital


Supports Relapse Prevention


Greater Self Awareness

Moving Forward

Tackle the areas neglected whilst Gambling


For employers who would like to safeguard their business, employees and the people they serve

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Help to protect company assets and funds


Support the health and wellbeing of your staff


Provide an invaluable resource to HR and Line Managers


Create a greater understanding and connection with your customers/clients