Rashael Girling

Co-Founder & Recovery Coach

''Keep walking through the storm. Your rainbow is waiting on the other side''

Rashael Girling


Rashael Girling

I'm Rashael! I am the Co-Founder of Reframe Coaching alongside my Husband, Steve. We set up Reframe Coaching in 2020, after our lived experience of Gambling Harms and the Criminal Justice System.

It is our aim to help others that are going through a similar situation.

We found that after treatment (whatever the pathway may have been), Recoverees are often left to their own devices. This can sometimes cause stress and worry, so we wanted to help people to adjust to their new environment.

Just one of the things I personally experienced was losing our home and being put on the homeless register. Luckily, I had lots of support to help me get through this tricky part of my life, and now I am here to support you! I know what its like to have a partner who has a Gambling Addiction. I also know what it is like to be affected by their actions and how it creates a knock on effect to other members of the family and friends.

I am happy to support either the Recoveree or the person supporting the Recoveree, to move forward and get to where they want to be.

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