Nadine Ashworth

Recovery Coach

"Don't count the days, make the days count"

Nadine Ashworth


Nadine Ashworth

Hello, I'm Nadine

I've been in recovery from gambling addiction since 2015 after 4 ½ years on online slots. 

Nobody starts gambling thinking "today I'm going to be a gambling addict" and like many, my journey started out of curiosity and ended where I thought 'I had to be removed' as I couldn't see a way of making it stop. Looking back, I'd experienced a number of traumatic events leading up to my gambling 'career' and I'd just carried them without asking for help. Gambling helped me escape, forget and numb my emotions and every day I'd get up and go to work, crippled on the inside yet smiling on the outside.

In early recovery I felt like a shell of a person, my confidence was shattered and myself-worth was zero. 

I grabbed my recovery with both hands and worked hard at creating a new life. Life transformed for me and in 2019 I began working in the gambling recovery community.

In 2022 I founded thrivin' together cic - a women-only lived experienced organisation for UK women impacted by gambling harms. Through my own lived experience and hearing the stories of women impacted by gambling I know that gambling cessation is not enough.

This is my passion - supporting women to realise their potential. I also love my greenhouse, hubster, and cats. 

Wishing you a safe journey.

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