Andy May

Recovery Coach

However bad things might seem, there’s always a way through it.

Andy May


Andy May

I’m Andy and have been in recovery since 2020, but up until that time my gambling had taken control of my life.  This culminated in me being sentenced to prison for fraud, having stolen from my employer to fund my addiction.

When my world came crashing down around me, I thought I was the only person that could possibly have been doing the things that I had – keeping it all a dark secret away from my family, friends and colleagues. I then began to discover an entire community of people that had already been through similar experiences, and they gave me the support I needed to find my way through the situation that I’d put myself in.

Since prison, I’ve taken part in various media campaigns to try and raise awareness of gambling harm, encouraging people to reach out for help and support.

I continue to try and learn as much as I can about myself and recognise that I’ll forever be a “work in progress”.

Going into prison I was determined that, when I got released that, I’d do whatever I could to try and help others who’d been harmed by gambling.

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