Ella Davies-Smith

Recovery Coach

‘It is not the adversity that defines you it is how you overcome it’

Ella Davies-Smith


Ella Davies-Smith

Hi I’m Ella, a Recovery Coach and proud partner of a once affected gambling addict.

My partner's journey of rehabilitation ignited my passion to become a Recovery Coach along side her. As someone who has experienced the highs and lows of supporting a recovering individual my goal is to offer support and guidance to others on a similar rehabilitation journey.

Additionally, I have valuable insight into managing debt repayments and financial planning/budgeting that can be used to complement the recovery process. 

In my everyday life, I work as a Physiotherapist and passionately uphold a healthy lifestyle together with my partner and our furry friend, Freddie. Painting, traveling, country walks, and fitness are among my hobbies. Furthermore, I passionately advocate for diversity and equality, particularly among the LGBTQ+ community.

I am committed to working with you in the best way possible to support your recovery and empower you to reap the rewards of life.

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